University Records & Information Management


Box is here to stay, and is the recommended repository for storing electronic department records, day-to-day files, and personal files.

Why Box?

Box was rolled out to campus in January 2018 to provide additional storage options for employees, students, and departments. It has several advantages over SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and file shares, such as:

  • Unlimited storage – Individual files are currently capped at 15 GB, and OIT is working with Box to increase it.
  • Improved security – Box requires BYU NetID credentials and DUO authentication to login.
  • Email may be dragged directly from Outlook into Box Drive.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app enables files to be accessed anywhere.
  • Provides a managed area for records where:
    • ownership of the records is tied to the university and department during department turnover,
    • records cannot be altered,
    • retention is managed, and records of historical value are preserved.

When using the Box method to manage records, day-to-day work files should be stored in the department’s Box service account and not the user’s personal area. Box service accounts are setup by the department/college CSR. Record Liaisons are expected to move finalized records from the day-to-day work area into the managed University Records area of Box at least annually.

To begin managing records, login to Box, verify access to the managed folder, then move finalized department records to the University Records area on an annual basis. Instructions on completing these tasks can be found here: How to Use Box. If unable to see the University Records folder, please contact the URIM Office Assistant. For information about the University Records Managed Area of Box please click the following link: Using Box to Manage Department Records

The following types of information are not allowed in Box, per the updated Box User Agreement:

  • Data secured on PCI-DSS (Credit card information)
  • Federally protected research data
  • Data related to export control laws

Sensitive personal information (e.g., SSN, driver’s license) and sensitive financial information (e.g., tax records, student loan info, bank info), may not be stored in Box UNLESS the following three conditions are met:

  1. the information is necessary to meet university business or legal requirements,
  2. the information is only stored in BYU service account owned folders and not in personal folders, and
  3. the information is promptly removed when no longer needed.

If the Box Service is used to store any FERPA protected data, you agree to and accept the responsibilities associated with such use and agree to complete the university’s online FERPA training before engaging in such use (see

Open to see the updated User Agreement, additional training and information, and FAQs located on the lower half of the sign-in screen.

To see some FAQ about Box at BYU, please click here.