University Records & Information Management


Q: Do we have to request a Box account?

     A: Nope! You already have it. Go to, and login with your BYU NetID and password.

Q: If we are already using SharePoint to manage records, do we have to switch to Box?

     A: You don’t have to move from SharePoint to Box, but there are many reasons why switching could be an advantage:

  • unlimited storage
  • larger file size limit
  • increased security (uses DUO to login)
  • easier to share and manage permissions
  • ability to share outside of BYU

Q: Can we move from SharePoint to Box if we want to?

     A: Absolutely! The easiest and fastest way to move your records from SharePoint to Box is to first download Box Drive (click here to download:, then map SharePoint to your Network Drive (Map SharePoint to Network Drive in Windows) and drag the files from SharePoint to Box. Contact your CSR for assistance.

Q: Can we have a Box account AND a SharePoint site?

     A: Yes!

Q: If we decide to keep our files in SharePoint, will they still make it to the University Archives and will retention still be managed?

     A: Yes!

Q: If we move to Box, can we still submit boxes of records to the Records Center?

     A: The “Record Liaison Hub,” which is built on SharePoint, will still be used for submitting boxes of paper records to the Records Center. Click here for a “cheat sheet” on submitting boxes to the University Records Center: eRTS – Box Submission cheat sheet.

Q: Where can I go for more training on Box?

     A: Open a browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), and go to Scrolling down, the page contains many resources, including a “Getting Started” area and free training videos.