University Records & Information Management

SharePoint Online

SharePoint provides many features that can benefit departments, such as:

  • Security. SharePoint requires a BYU NetID to login, and uses encryption for increased security.
  • Collaboration. Most departments spend time and effort emailing documents back and forth, which makes tracking the latest version of a document difficult. Departments can collaborate more efficiently by posting the document or project in SharePoint and sharing to authorized users.
  • Storage. SharePoint provides a secure repository for storing documents and makes them searchable. Documents can be grouped using folders, or grouped using metadata. Using metadata, users can also sort and filter.
  • Electronic Forms and Workflows.Most departments have paper forms that are used as a regular part of business – either by students, or internally by the department or college. Using electronic forms (Forms) and workflows (Flows) to capture the data within SharePoint increases department efficiency, and makes the information accessible.
  • Metadata. SharePoint provides users with the ability to search, sort, and filter metadata that is collected when documents are captured.
  • Records Management. SharePoint can prevent records from being altered or deleted. SharePoint can also facilitate the deletion of records that have met their retention, are no longer needed by the department, and are not subject to a Litigation Hold.
  • Archives. Electronic records of historical value are automatically transferred to the University Archives.

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