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Department Records Liaisons Training Follow-Up (emailed March 31, 2015)

Dear Department Records Liaison,

Thank you for participating in our first training about Records Transfer Sheets. You can find the link to the electronic Records Transfer Sheets on our main page:

The PowerPoint slide used in the training has been posted on our site under Recent Trainings (

On the ‘Recent Trainings’ page, you will also find the link to see the online Records Transfer Sheets for your department. The direct link to access your online Records Transfer Sheets is  If you haven’t sent us your BYU NetID, you will not be able to see your online Records Transfer Sheets. Please reply to this e-mail with your BYU NetID and the NetIDs of anyone else you may want to have access (like student employees, for example).

If you were unable to make it to one of the sessions this month, and/or there are other employees in your office who would benefit from the training, we will be holding more sessions of the training in both April and May. Look this week for a link to Y-Train where you can sign up for those sessions.

If you have any feedback about the training, and/or if you have any topics you’d like to have covered in future trainings, please send an e-mail to


University Records & Information Management