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Getting Started as a Record Liaison

Department Record Liaisons are critical to the successful management of records and information across campus. Records are the evidence of a department’s activities and transactions, and managing them properly can improve efficiency and reduce risk for the university. Record Liaisons are the caretakers of the department’s records and are responsible for managing them in accordance with University Policy, by taking the following steps:

  • To take the online training, please click here, or go to and search for "Records Liaison" in the catalog. Please contact 2-6260 with any questions.

    • Tip: Each department on campus should have a Record Liaison, typically assigned by the department head or supervisor. If you are uncertain who the Record Liaison is, please contact University Records and Information Management at 2-1670.
  • □ Identify records in the department and how long to keep them.

    □ Identify historical records to be preserved for future generations.

    • Tip: To view the Records Transfer Sheets of department boxes previously submitted to the University Records Center, please click here.
    • Tip: To schedule a Department Retention Schedule appointment with the URIM Records Analyst, please call 2-6260
  • Using the completed DRS:

    □ Decide which electronic records to keep in Box or another approved location.

    □ Decide which paper records to store in the University Records Center and which to store in the department.

  • □ Move finalized electronic records from the day-to-day work area to the University Records area of Box or other approved locations at least once a year where:

    • Retention of records is managed.
    • Historical records are preserved.

    □ Send inactive paper records that have not met retention and are no longer needed by the department to the University Records Center using the eRTS system. Please call 2-2828 for support.

    □ Dispose of paper and electronic information (non-records) that are no longer needed by the department.

    Suspend the deletion of all records and information if your department has received a Litigation Hold from the Office of the General Council (OGC).

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