University Records & Information Management

University Records and Information Management (URIM) is located in the Office of the Chief Information Officer. URIM’s mission is to help BYU departments and employees identify and manage University records and information. Records and information should be managed according to legal, historical, regulatory, and operational requirements.

Records reside in all BYU departments and may be physical or electronic.

Each department is responsible for identifying their records and ensuring they are retained in accordance with the approved retention policy. When retention has been met and the department no longer needs the records, records of historical value should be sent to the University Archives, and temporary records (such as financial records) should be destroyed.

URIM offers guidance, services, and training to assist departments in fulfilling their responsibilities. To begin building your department’s records management program, click on Getting Started as the Record Liaison.

8am – 5pm
6822 HBLL
To schedule a pick up or delivery, call or email:
Records Couriers
URIM Records Analyst
Haley Dunkley
Director of Records & Information Management
Howard Loos