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Records Liaison Forum and FAQ

If you have a question feel free to use the Contact Form to the right! All questions will be answered and then posted here anonymously. So take a look below and see if we've already answered your question or if you need more clarification. Hope to hear from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To submit a box, please go to For help submitting a box, please use this cheat sheet or call our couriers @ 2.2828.
  • Each department has a Records Liaison who submits their boxes. If Records Liaisons would like to add people who can submit boxes for them they can call 2.1670 or email for help with that.
  • No. To request empty records boxes please call our couriers @ 2.2828 or email
  • Each department should have a Department Records Retention Schedule (DRS) which tells them how long to keep their records. If your department doesn't have a DRS or you can't find yours, please call 2.6260 or email for help.
  • A record is any piece of business information that is required by law to be retained for a specific period of time or that should be retained for as long as it has business value to the organization.
  • Box is currently the only approved storage area for electronic records. Please go to the Electronic Records and Using Box page for more information.
  • Department records should be maintained according to the General Retention Schedule to comply with federal or state laws and regulations. A department will be out of compliance if records are not retained for their defined periods of time.
  • Yes! Most retention laws and regulations require the deletion of records when retention has been met. Destroying records after retention has been met will also reduce security- and privacy-related risks.

    Go to Record Destruction for more information.
  • The GRS is the official compilation of the types of record categories commonly created and maintained by university departments to support their business processes. Each record category contains a sample list of individual records which fall under that category.

    The GRS can be found on our website under Liaison Links > General Retention Schedule (GRS). You will need to login with your BYU NetID and password to view it.
  • The DRS is a list of records created or maintained by a single department, which are mapped to the GRS to know how long they need to be retained.

    For more information go to the Department Records Retention Schedule page.
  • Yes! The GRS applies to all records.
  • As long as the digitized records are kept in a secure backed up location (like Box) and your department doesn't have a need for you to keep it in physical form, then there is no need to keep the original paper record. So... No!
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