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Academic Priority Records

The records you need to get right!

The following is a list of records that academic departments must get correct if they generate them. While it is important to get the retention for all of your records correct, these are the records that must be retained correctly to protect individual privacy, the security of your department and the university, and preserve the historical record of the university.

Retention for the records below can be found on a pdf (button below). If you have any questions about these or other records please contact us at 2.6260.

Academic Records

  • Academic Advisement Records
  • Graduation and Grade Records being sent to the Registrar's Office

Administration Records

  • Annual and Summary Reports
  • Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and Correspondence
  • Procedures related to safety and compliance (i.e. OSHA) or any that you have had a legal concern with before.
  • Projects and Studies

If you are a Dean's Office you will also need to retain Executive Administration Records.

Historical Records

  • Department Newsletters and Histories
  • Publications Produced by Department
  • Events - On/Off Campus activities and events

Employment Records

  • Faculty, Admin, and Staff Employment Files
  • Student Employee Files
  • Recruitment Files

Financial Records

  • Deposits

Legal and Risk Management Records

  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Risk Management Waivers

Note that this is a general list pulled from the Department Retention Schedule worksheet, you may have 1 or 2 other record types that are of equal importance to those shown here. If you have questions about let us know! We'd be happy to talk to you about them.