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Records Liaison Newsletter | May 2024

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Spring Cleaning: 5 steps for quick and easy cleanup

It’s that time of year again! The semester is winding down, student’s are leaving, and we’re prepping for summer camps. Amongst all the excitement, it’s important that we don’t forget to close out the year’s records! Below are the 5 easy steps for quick and easy records cleanup so we can get you on your way to vacation!

Step 1: Records Retention

Records (Electronic and Paper) that have met their retention are destroyed. (i.e. Exams and unreturned homework should be destroyed 1 year after the end of the semester) Paper records that haven’t met their retention, and are taking up too much space in your office, can be sent to the Records Center. Call 2-2828 or email to get boxes.

Step 2: Electronic Records
Move your finalized electronic records into the Electronic Records Center on Box. For help navigating that folder, please visit our website:

Step 3: Throw Out Non-Records

Discard physical or electronic non-records that are no longer needed by the department (e.g. convenience/duplicate copies, lunch invites, university announcements, etc.)

Step 4: Security

Keep confidential information secure. When discarding confidential information, use secure shred bins, or coordinate with BYU Recycling’s shred service.

Step 5: Imaged Records

Paper records that have been imaged and are stored in a secure and backed up location, such as on Box, can be destroyed

Destruction Deadline is Here! Last Chance to let us know about YOUR exceptions!

What constitutes an Exception?

  1. The records are related to an in-progress litigation matter.
  2. The box has been miscategorized and needs the retention changed.
  3. A situation has occurred in your department that requires ongoing use of the contents of the box.

How/Why do we contact you?

  • Reply back to the Office Assistant with any exceptions.
  • Review a box by contacting with the box numbers you’d like delivered to you.
  • Questions or Concerns about this process? Call Haley at 2.6260 or email her at
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CES Privacy Center

University Records Management is now a part of the newly established CES Privacy Center! We are thrilled to be working with the other CES institutions.

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Changes Made to the Website

  1. In preparation for our Electronic Records Center Rollout we have updated our Electronic Records and Box. Check that out to prepare for the rollout!
  2. Similarly with our new DRS App which will also be rolled out in June, we have updated our Department Retention Schedule. So have a look to see what’s coming!