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Faculty and Academic Records

Outlined below are the common records that faculty and/or academic departments maintain (all of which can be submitted to the University Records Centers unless otherwise indicated):

Records Typically Maintained by Faculty

  • Administered Exams and Homework
  • Syllabi
  • Faculty Profile Information (retained in Faculty Profile System)
  • Grant or Department Sponsored Research processed through the Research Administration Office (RAO)
  • Personal Research (not to be submitted to University Records Center)
  • ScholarsArchive for Published Research (not to be submitted to University Records Center)
  • Personal and Professional Papers (not to be submitted to University Records Center; Can be submitted for approval into Professional Papers Program in Special Collections)

Records Typically Maintained by Department Records Liaisons

  • Academic Unit Reviews and Educational Support Reviews
  • Accreditation records, reports and self-evaluations
  • Challenge Exams (now online)
  • Course materials and outlines (Syllabi and Course descriptions)
  • Curriculum Records (course proposals, course revisions, course requests and curriculum committee minutes)
  • Internship Records
  • Senior Surveys and Summaries (Graduating Student Exit Interviews)
  • Student Academic Advisement Records
In addition, academic departments usually maintain the following

  • Faculty Employment files and faculty contracts, including full-time and adjunct faculty
  • Recruitment files, including application notes and search committee records
  • Faculty annual reviews
  • Rank and Status records

Retention of the above records can be viewed on this PDF (login required). For more questions about retention please contact Haley Dunkley @2.6260

Click here for information specific for Faculty Members.
If you would like nice printed copies of the above document for your faculty, please contact Haley Dunkley @ 2.6260.